Rehabilitation clinics

Speech and language clinic

It helps children with problems in communicating to be more successful in social and academic filed.
When do we visit a speech and language clinic??

  • If a child does not follow verbal instructions.
  • Does not understand sentences and questions.
  • Uses vocabulary inappropriately.
  • Cannot express themselves verbally.
  • Uses wrong grammatical structures.
  • Has difficulties remembering information.
  • Has problems in the producing letters.
  • Do not speak fluently.
  • Speaks layer or high voice which are not suitable (hoarseness or rough or husky).
  • Has a problem in the development of reading and writing skills, phonological awareness.

Articulation disorder

Speech disorders accents problems that affect vocals/ delete / modify / distort / add letters.

Language disorder

Disorder of language development which may be congenital or acquired.


Swallowing difficulties are results of a stroke / mechanical or functional reasons which leads to difficulty in chewing and processing morsel to be swallowed, or send by mistake morsel into the esophagus or nose.

Disfluency disorder

Stuttering is two types of behaviors: main behavior and secondary behaviors:

  • Main behavior is repetition of the word/prolongation/blocking the voice.
  • Secondary behavior is companied by body movements, like closing eyelids or moving the feet nervously or screwing on the throat.