Rehabilitation clinics

Physiotherapy Clinic

  • Accurate diagnosis based on detailed assessment.
  • Design comprehensive and integrated programs to improve patient capabilities and employ them to the highest degree of self-reliance.
  • Provide multiple forms of therapeutic treatment to achieve the goals in the fastest time.
  • Lengthening and flexibility of short muscles and stiff joints through aerobics and yoga exercises.

Gait analysis laboratory

CAP center owns the first three-dimensional laboratory to analyze problems of walking for children and adults in the kingdom, which accurately identifies:

  • Movement of each joint in sagittal, coronal and transverse planes.
  • Muscles firing during different activities.
  • Moments and energy exerted for each joint during upright activates.
  • Foot deformities and spinal mal-alignment.
  • Role of orthosis, medical shoes and insoles on patient`s walk and necessary modification for better performance.


  • CAP has a swimming pool dedicated for both children and adults, throughout using updated approach aiming to:
    • Strengthening of core muscles.
    • Relieve muscle spasm.
    • Facilitation of muscle activities.

Neuro rehabilitation clinic

  • CAP center hosts consultants in the field of the local injection of the Botox therapeutic substance to reduce muscle spasm.
  • In addition to deliver serial casting to release tight muscles.

Training and awareness

  • By offering seminars and lectures by experts in the pediatric field for families.
  • Introducing Social abilities and personal development programs.

These programs are aiming for self-improvement, self-confidence, and social communication.