Rehabilitation clinics

Occupational clinic

Providing the following services:

  • Examine Patient skills on daily activity (eating - dressing - writing - hygiene).
  • Prepare and provide private sessions to develop the daily skills.
  • Fabricate soft splints.
  • Examine and treat sensory disorganization.

Wheelchair service

This unit provides:

  • Examine seating system of each child.
  • Design the most suitable/comfortable and efficient seating system.
  • Create proper adjustments for the ready-made wheelchairs .

Home modification service

CAP provides advices on the adjustments needed at home (rail ways , entrance , toilets to meet with the disability.

Visual Rehabilitation Service

CAP center offers this particular service:

  • Examine visual perceptual skills.
  • Improve visual focus, tracking and shifting.
  • Activate visual motor skills.

Splints Service

Fabricate soft splints to align wrist and hand.